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Getting Started

Getting started with is easy!

  • Fork the registration repository.
  • Create a new file under the sub-logs directory.
    • Name the file according to the sub-domain name that you would like, for example will.json.

      The file path and name should look somewhat similar to this: sub-logs/will.json

  • Read the format documentation here to see what json format you should be following.
  • Check over your file to make sure that everything looks right and matches the format.
  • Open your pull request.
  • Check up on your pull request. Sometimes we will comment or add a new label, these can mean that you domain is unavailable or something is wrong with the file. If this is the case, don’t worry! You are still able to get a domain, but you may have to either change the file name or check over the file again.
  • Leave the rest down to us, we will make sure that the subdomain is sorted out.
  • Once your pull request has been merged, enjoy the subdomain. If you ever need to change the subdomain, don’t hesitate to open a new pull request to change any of the details.

If you are unsure about this, open a new issue and one of the maintainers or helpers will help you out.

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