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About is a subdomain provider for developers around the world. These subdomains can be used for pretty much anything, except anything illegal.

Your domain can be anything as long it is not taken or NSFW. Such as When signing up for a domain you take full responsibility for what is hosted on that domain. If your subdomain hosts illegal activity, your subdomain will be terminated and the revelent authoritative services may be contacted.

Domain Limitations

When signing up for a domain we allow users to chose their choice of subdomain. This can be anything of your choosing but the subdomain must not be taken by another user. If the domain is taken by another user, you will have to chose another subdomain.

At the moment we only support A and CNAME records. We do not support MX records or any type of email forwarding service, this is because we can’t regulate what is those email forwarding services are used for. We also don’t support URL redirecting, this is because we do not have anyway to sustainably supply the redirects without paying for an external service such as a proxy server or proxy tool. If you would like your domain to redirect, you will have to sort out your own external tools for that specific purpose.

Hosting and Limitations

We currently support almost every single hosting service. There should be no limitation to where you can host your website. The only limitation with hosting currently is with us. We currently don’t have the infrastructure to host anyone’s websites for them. If you are struggling to find a free hosting service for your website, you are able to use GitHub Pages or another free service such as Replit.

Our Team

Name Role GitHub
Will Owner / Maintainer wclarkey
Matt Co-Owner / Maintainer Tweak4141
William Helper WilliamDavidHarrison
Acey Helper AceyDoCodes
Kamino Helper KaminoCodes


If you need to contact us, please refer to the contact methods below:

If you are unsure about this or anything else, open a new issue and one of the maintainers or helpers will help you out.

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